International Technical Fair 2019 brings nearly 600 companies from 34 countries to Plovdiv

International Technical Fair 2019 Plovdiv

The 75th International Technical Fair brings nearly 600 companies from 34 countries to Plovdiv from September 23 to 28. The latest edition of the oldest industrial fair in Bulgaria brings many changes, such as the transfer of the traditional business forum to a digital environment, restructuring of the specialized exhibitions, and use of new formats. This year’s partner country is Russia, International Fair Plovdiv said in a press release.

For the first time this year, there will be a Digital Week featuring 13 free conferences with over 200 lecturers, exhibitions, a show, a career zone, and a children’s workshop.

The specialized exhibitions within International Technical Fair have been restructured, and this year they will be five: Machine Building (machines, technologies, robots, robotic systems, automation); Stroytech (construction equipment, electrical engineering, materials, tools, technologies); Auto City Plovdiv (cars, transport, equipment); Infotech (information and digital technologies); and Eneco (power engineering, ecology, chemistry, water management). The idea is to present together companies working in branches that complement each other.

Published by ” Bulgarian News Agency “

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